Terms of Use for Online Payments to the Narragansett Bay Commission

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Any payment that you make through the Service will be sent to the NBC for application to your account.  Late fees and/or other charges will be incurred on your account should you fail to make a payment when due.  The NBC reserves the right to reverse any payment you make to it. 

If you filed a petition in Federal Bankruptcy Court, your payment through the Service will be applied to your post-petition charges.  If your payment is in excess of the post-petition charges, the NBC reserves the right to apply any excess to your pre-petition amount unless law, court order, or an arrangement with the NBC requires otherwise.        

The NBC respects your privacy.  The NBC does not collect or hold sensitive personal information.  However, any private information delivered by you to the NBC will be secured and protected with at least the same degree of care that the NBC would protect its own confidential information and then such information received by the NBC will be destroyed.  The NBC will not be responsible for any unauthorized or unforeseeable use or misuse of your private information. Any information you transmit to a NBC vendor is the responsibility of the vendor and not of NBC.

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