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The Narragansett Bay Commission's mission is to maintain a leadership role in the protection and enhancement of water quality in Narragansett Bay and its tributaries by providing safe and reliable wastewater collection and treatment services to its customers at a reasonable cost.

The NBC's Rules and Regulations may be found at the RI Secretary of State's Office website (click here). To view a copy of the NBC By-laws, click here. A copy of the agency's Comprehensive Strategic Plan is available here. The Executive Compensation Comparability Study is here.

Pursuant to amendments to the RI Administrative Procedures Act in 2016, the NBC is required to codify all of its regulations into a new format, which will become the Rhode Island Code of Regulations.  These regulations will be posted on our website as proposed amendments in order to complete the codification process.

The chart below shows NBC's organizational framework and staffing levels. For information on the members of NBC's Board of Commissioners please click on the link provided below the chart.

Organization chart

Board of Commissioners

Executive Job Descriptions: